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What is Muscle Maturity?

Many people believe getting older means not looking as good. There is a negative stigma with age and how it correlates with “not looking as good” as one once did.


That notion and mindset is simply ridiculous.


Just because you get older does not mean you cannot look better than you ever have in your life. Many people compare themselves to what they looked like in high school and want to use that as a measuring stick to their current physical status. “I know I can’t look like that again, but I want to use it as a motivation for me to get in better shape.” Here is the deal, forget about what you looked like in high school. Your right, you will never look like that again, but guess what? You can look even better!


As people age and put go through the ringer of life, the body changes. It is easier to put on (and hold on to) body fat and people may also deal with some health issues that arise from a life being lived. All the more reason to get in the best shape of your life!


There is something out there that you may have heard of called muscle maturity. It is your secret weapon and hidden gem to looking your best. This notion of muscle maturity serves even more true with people in fitness and bodybuilding. Through years of physical activity and work, the muscles mature and are able to contract more intensely. This then leads to deeper striations and thicker more dense fibers. The skin thins as well as people age, so the muscles are therefore revealed even more (along with some vascularity).


A person in high school could weigh 180 pounds and be 8% body fat. This would be an ideal look for most people in their 30s, 40s, and even 50s. Already marking it up for something that will never be, many people as they age just go to the weight room and lift to get bigger muscles and try to maintain as much youth as possible through achieving a sense of size. However, if a person was to take advantage of their muscle maturity by being active, eating healthy, and hitting the weight room, they would see that the 180-pound, 8% body fat frame would look much better on them now than it ever did in high school. This is because the muscles look more pleasing and aesthetic due to their maturity.


Remember, getting older does not mean your best years are behind you, it means you got your best years ahead of you.


Check your perspective!


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