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Uneven Abs, Why?



A large amount of people who work out aspire to look good. A huge trait or attribute to being in shape in a great set of abs. Abs however are a product of discipline not only in the gym, but outside of it as well.


When it comes to the attributes of ab muscles, they all come in different shapes and even sizes. Training abs are of course important, but good eating and cardio are essential to revealing them in all their glory. When revealing the abs, as stated they take on different looks. Some may notice they have what is called “uneven abs”.


Uneven abs are when the muscles do not line up right. Each individual ab muscle is offset from another. They almost appear to be scattered around as opposed to being perfectly aligned. Some believe that this is a defect and can be “trained away”.

In certain cases, abs can become uneven through imbalances while training, improper mind-muscle connection, and even spinal issues like scoliosis.


Training imbalances can occur very easily if training is done incorrectly. Many times, these imbalances take place when a person is using weight or extra resistance when training the abs and the weight is too much which then compromises form.


Mind-muscle connection is a highly-overlooked component and can also lead to uneven muscular building. Focusing and targeting a muscle by just contracting it by itself is important, just as important as relying just on resistance, which many people sadly do. Really squeezing and stretching the muscle throughout the rep will help assure maximum targeting which will help with keeping musculature balanced. Do not sleep on the power of the mind in training.


And spinal issues such as scoliosis are a huge culprit to uneven abs from a structural standpoint. The abs work as a spinal flexor, so when the spine is crooked in any way, the abs that are connected to it will also be crooked. Without correcting the spinal issue, the crooked abs will remain.


Uneven abs are far from a defect if genetic based. Regardless of what you do in the gym, your abs are your abs, and you just need to own them. Many people have competed and won who possess these “defected abs”. They are just the way they are.

Other form of uneven abs that can be trained is when the upper abs are more defined or toned than the lower, which seems to be very common for people. This of course is handled and taken care of with proper training, diet, and cardio.


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