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Top 5 Metabolism Mistakes

Metabolism has become the focus of many studies in the fitness world in the past 15 years or so. Understanding how effectively the body breaks down and uses calories for energy is just as important as nutrition and working out. A person may eat somewhat decent and be unable to lose weight, or a person may workout quite often and find shedding pounds to be an issue.


When looking at metabolism, one needs to know that everyone’s body is different. This is because of genetics and lifestyle. But metabolism can be influenced for the good and influenced for the bad. A person may be living a way that is damaging their metabolism and not even knowing it. Here are some of the top 5 metabolism mistakes people make:


  1. Not Eating Enough: Yes, this may sound counterintuitive to what many believe, but if you eat too little, you are doing a lot of bad things to your metabolism. By eating too few of calories for too long, your body becomes conditioned to not work at full speed to conserve energy, which can slow it down. So, make sure you are eating enough calories but eating smart calories so your body can use them for what you need it to do.
  2. Leading a “Not-So-Active” Lifestyle: This may be the biggest mistake people make. It is so easy to fall into the pattern of life and just do the same thing every day, but once again, that word “condition” comes back into play. The body gets used to what it does and every once in a while needs a challenge. If you do not move much, your metabolism stays at a pace to keep the energy it needs to basically be sedentary. Every day find a new way to be more active than what the day gives you.
  3. Eating Too Much of the Wrong Foods: This is also on the top of the popular no-no’s list out there for metabolism. There are so many foods out there that your body will struggle to break down and utilize. Making sure you eat the right foods frequently will help ensure that your body does what it needs to do when it comes to your metabolism.
  4. Lack of Weight Training: Weight training or any form of resistance training is important to maintaining a healthy and effective metabolism. With the assistance of new muscle, the body’s ability to burn fat goes way up. So not only will you become firmer, but leaner at the same time.
  5. Lack of Sleep: Many people struggle with sleep. Sleep is very important to metabolism because of the influence it has on hormones. Hormones play a huge role in weight loss and a healthy metabolism. If you lack sleep, your metabolism is paralyzed, and weight gain becomes much more prevalent.


1UP nutrition offers numerous products that help assist with metabolism and weight loss. From their Make Her Lean Max and Pro Ripped Max products that helps out with curving appetite, cognitive health, focus, and energy, these products will do wonders in helping you in your health and fitness journey when it comes to losing weight and keeping a healthy metabolism. And since sleep is important, check out 1UP’s Beauty Dream and ReCharge PM Burner to not only help assist you in getting adequate sleep, but burning fat as while and still waking up feeling refreshed and good.


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