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Stim Free Fat Burner Explainer

With summer around the corner, many individuals are focused on improving their health and fitness as part of their summer goals. A big component of that for many people is losing weight, reducing body fat, and building strength.


Obviously, the transformation challenge is rooted in a sound exercise and nutrition program that’s aligned with your goals.


And, if you need help figuring out how many calories to eat to achieve your goals, then you can log into the 1UP Fitness App, which offers an all-in-one personalized nutrition, training and tracking to help you reach and maintain your fitness goals.


Still, for those individuals looking to further enhance their results, as well as those fitness enthusiasts looking to streamline the process, we offer a wide variety of supplements to aid you on your journey.


One of the special 1UP family of weight loss support supplements is our Stim-Free Fat Burner.


We carefully formulated this product so that it could be used standalone as well as stacked with 1/2 serving of our men’s and women’s stimulant-inclusive weight loss aids, Pro Ripped Max and Make Her Lean Max.


What makes this special offering worth consideration?


Let’s discuss…


Inside 1UP Stim-Free Fat Burner


Olive Leaf Extract


The Mediterranean diet is considered as one of the healthiest diets on the planet. One of the core components of the diet is olive oil, which not only supplies heart-healthy fats but also valuable antioxidants and polyphenols.


As it turns out, the leaves from the olive tree are far more concentrated in these polyphenols than either the fruit (olives) or its oil.


The two most prominent polyphenols in olive leaf extract are oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol.


Supplementation with olive leaf extracts are noted to support cardio-metabolic health as well as offer immune support benefits.[1,2,3]


In regards to weight loss, olive leaf extract has been noted to decrease body weight gain and improved the lipid profiles animal studies.[4,5]


Other studies indicate that oleuropein can increase levels of the fat-burning hormones (e.g. adrenaline and noradrenaline), and it is also noted to increase uncoupling activity of a protein in fat cells called uncoupling protein-1 (UCP-1), which may help increase energy expenditure.[6]


Hibiscus Flower Extract


Also known as Roselle, hibiscus flower has a long history of usage as a beverage and folk medicine across Asia and Africa. The plant is rife with bioactive compounds that have been shown alone and in combination to offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects as well as benefit those looking to improve cardiovascular health, blood sugar control and body weight.[7]


In particular, studies have shown that hibiscus extract can inhibit the activity of an enzyme called alpha-amylase, which may help reduce sugar and starch absorption, thereby assisting in weight loss. The various polyphenols and flavonoids in hibiscus have also been shown to support weight loss via the inhibition of fat accumulation, modulating PPARγ, and inhibiting adipogenesis (the process by which cells turn into into adipocytes).[7,8]


Daily intake of hibiscus extract has also been noted to decrease body weight, BMI and body fat as well as reduce abdominal fat (i.e. belly fat) distribution in humans.[9]




InnoSlim is one of the newer, more exciting stimulant-free weight loss supplements to hit the market over the past few years. Supplied by NuLiv Science, InnoSlim contains a novel blend of premium extracts of Panax notoginseng root and astragalus membranaceus root.


These plants are loaded with bioactives that have been shown in in vitro studies to inhibit glucose uptake up to 41% within the small intestine. Other studies indicate that InnoSlim may enhance glucose uptake into the muscle cells through increasing GLUT4 activity, supporting stable blood glucose levels and muscle energy production.[10]


Moreover, the components naturally found within InnoSlim may support weight loss via the Adiponectin-AMPK-HIF-1-GLUT4 pathway, which may help reduce blood glucose as well as fat accumulation.




Chile peppers have long been used to add a fruity flavor and tongue-tingling spice to culinary fare across the globe. The compound responsible for setting your mouth ablaze is capsaicin.


What’s really noteworthy, is that in addition to lighting up your tastebuds, capsaicin may be beneficial for weight loss.


Capsaicin can stimulate the TRPV1 receptor in the mouth, causing noradrenaline to be released. This, in turn, stimulates brown fat thermogenesis as well as the “browning” of white fat cells[11], which can lead to increased energy expenditure and calorie burning.


Additionally, research indicates that capsaicin can further support weight loss by[12,13,14,15]:

  • Reducing appetite
  • Increasing energy expenditure
  • Enhancing lipid oxidation (aka “fat burning”).


Now, a common, and rather unpleasing side effect, of chile pepper and capsaicin consumption is GI distress. 1UP Stim-Free Fat Burner utilizes the premium capsaicin supplement, Capsimax, which is produced with Omnibead, a controlled release encapsulating technology that delivers effective levels of capsaicinoids without stomach upset that may result from unprotected extracts of red chili peppers.




As you can probably tell, this stim-free fat burner isn’t your run-of-the-mill combination of garcinia, green coffee bean, and CLA…far from it in fact.


One of the truly notable features is the inclusion of fucoxanthin -- a carotenoid that’s found in brown seaweed.


Fucoxanthin can help reduce fat in different ways.[16,17,18]


For starters, fucoxanthin may alter the gene expression associated with lipid metabolism which has led researchers to believe this exceptional carotenoid may inhibit fat cell growth and differentiation.


Other research indicates that fucoxanthin may stimulate expression of uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1) in white fat cell as well as stimulate β-oxidation activity (aka “fat burning”).


To top it off, human research found that 16 weeks of supplementation with fucoxanthin resulted in an average of weight loss of 12.1 pounds in study participants receiving the intriguing plant chemical. Researchers also noted that the fucoxanthin-supplemented group also demonstrated an increased metabolic rate and lower fat in the blood.




Grains of Paradise (Aframomum melegueta) is a spice that is related to ginger that contains a bounty of bioactive compounds, the most prominent being 6-gingerol and 6-paradol. These bioactives are known to boost metabolic rate by affecting certain receptors on fat cells involved in energy regulation.


In fact, research indicates that supplementation with Grains of Paradise is capable of boosting energy expenditure up to 100 calories per day and reducing levels of visceral fat.[20,21]



The final ingredient included in 1UP Stim-Free Fat Burner is GBB -- Gamma-butyrobetaine.


GBB has been dubbed a type of “super carnitine” as it serves as a carnitine precursor.


Carnitine plays an essential role in the body’s ability to burn fat for fuel as it serves as the biological taxi that shuttles fatty acids into the mitochondria. As a precursor to Carnitine, GBB has been noted to significantly increase carnitine levels in humans, which supports the body’s ability to mobilize fatty acids and burn fat for energy.


How to Use


One of the best features of our newest weight loss support supplement is its versatility. It can be used as a standalone supplement, and it can also be stacked with any of our other fat loss supplements, including:


For those that want a lower-stim support, one way to combine the various products is to take ½ serving of either Pro Ripped Max or Make Her Lean Max with ½ serving of 1UP Stim-Free in the morning and then take the other half serving of Stim-Free in the afternoon. It’s important to know that this supplement packs a considerable thermogenic punch. With that in mind, don’t be surprised if you’re feeling hotter or sweating more during your workouts and/or throughout the day.



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