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Safe Way to Start Your Weight Loss Journey

Getting healthy can be pretty overwhelming and intimidating. It is especially intimidating and overwhelming if you have never made a conscience decision to get healthy and in shape. The gym can seem like a distant and foreign land and eating healthy is just a big jumble of theories and ideas.


If you are a person however that is at the end of your road, and you know you have to do something because it literally means life or death, hopefully this article will provide you with some good guidance and pointers on how to get started and get started safely.


First off, understand that this will be one of the most difficult things you have ever done in your life. Breaking a single habit is tough enough, but turning your lifestyle around is a gradual process, not an overnight thing. The last thing you want to do is ATTEMPT to do a 180 and get overwhelmed, which leads to anger and disappointment, which leads to you eventually quitting. Setbacks are inevitable, quitting does not have to be.


You have spent years putting yourself in a “hole” of bad health. Unwanted weight gain which has led to a buffet of health issues. Every condition pretty much exasperates the next, so it is literally a snowball effect.


Your about to take a journey, not a pit stop or a vacation. Journey’s are rough as much as they are pleasant, so take the good days with the bad.


  1. Do a personal inventory of your everyday life right now


This might not be the easiest for some people to do but once you get things down on paper and can visually see where you are at, a picture is painted on what needs to be worked on. Log when and what you eat and how much you do (outside of work or everyday things). Maybe you just do not move as much as you thought you did or your eating is not plentiful or overabundant. Regardless, get an idea of where you are right now because right now is the best place to start.


  1. Start moving


This is a big one. People like to convince themselves that they are “active” based off of the everyday activities they partake in. The body adapts to a job or chasing kids around. Maybe you do not even do either of those things, but understand the body needs to be challenged frequently to promote change. Make a point to do something “extra” on top of what you are currently doing. This could be taking a short walk around the block everyday or parking further away from places, so you have to walk a further distance.


  1. “Pruning” those unhealthy foods


This is another one of those processes, not an overnight 180. Logging your food is imperative. Finding those foods that you eat that are not so healthy is a great way to start to understand what foods you should be eating instead. The bonus from that is you will start to feel better as well. Maybe once every few weeks you start to take out an unhealthy snack from your daily eating and substitute it with a healthier version. You will have to research and ask questions as well. Find what works for you but do not be afraid to pick the brains of others!


  1. Accountability


Many folks will shy away from telling people what they are doing so they are not held to the fire for slipping or failing. One should not go out and “boast” about what they are planning on doing, because everyone can plan, but it is another thing to do. Find a friend or a small group of friends that want to take this journey with you. Any journey is best with someone else.


  1. Keep expectations in check


Do not set unrealistic goals for yourself. What happens when you fail to reach them is you completely overlook the small accomplishments you made along the way. If you focus on the banquet and do not learn to admire the appetizers, you could miss the whole feast altogether.


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