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Do Men Lose Weight Faster than Women?

For the most part, fitness is not relative. There are common rules and laws that pretty much lump everyone in to the same pool when it comes to trying to achieve certain goals and results. Now, this does not imply that certain people have it easier than others when it comes to building muscle or losing fat, then the paradigm can start to lean a little more towards the relative side of things.


When looking at the basics of groups, it should start with only two; men and women. Now, as stated fitness rules and laws stand for both groups, but it would be a bold face lie to claim that obstacles and layout of the paths are virtually equal between the genders.


They are not.


Men and women are different, plain and simple. Our bodies are made up of the same things but composed differently. Because of certain roles and biological make up, women and men’s bodies do not do things across the board in the same fashion, especially when it comes to losing weight.


The simplest way to approach this topic would be to discuss hormones. Men’s main player in the hormone game is testosterone, while women’s is estrogen. Testosterone is the hormone that helps men, well men in regard to muscularity, sexual health and reproduction abilities. Estrogen on the other hand is vital for women when it comes to pregnancy and reproduction abilities, with really no emphasis on muscularity.


Muscularity is the point of emphasis here because muscle enables men to have bodies that are designed to obliterate fat, while women’s bodies are designed more so to hold on to fat because of their role in reproduction. When it comes to losing weight, men have it much easier. Studies have shown that men are more than 50 percent more capable of losing 10 pounds in a 30-day period than a women when following a workout and diet plan that is designed for the same goal.


Now this is to not assume that women are doomed to be fat, because that is not true. Women seem to possess more of a drive and devotion to getting in shape than men, as statistics also show that more men than women suffer from obesity in the United States. It all boils down to working with what you got and putting in the work to bring about the change, and that goes for everyone!


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