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6 Time-Management Tips That Support Weight Loss

Losing weight and maintaining your results requires effort, consistency, and time.


Yet, time is something many of us struggle to manage or find during the day when we’re constantly being pulled in one direction or another due to commitments to family, friends, and work.


To help you satisfy all those demands and keep your weight loss results, here are 6 proven time-management tips that support weight loss.


6 Time-Management Tips for Greater Weight Loss


#1 Meal Plan


Just like you plan meetings, workouts, and get togethers, you should also plan your meals for the week. This eliminates guesswork as well as wasted time trying to figure out what to cook and eat for the day / week.


Now, you don’t have to plan every meal of every day of the week, but the more meals that you can plan for and prepare in advance, the more time you’ll save during the week, giving you more time to get other things done (or relax!).


Meal planning also helps ensure you stay on track with your nutrition plan and reduces the likelihood you’ll end up hitting the drive-thru or takeout joint on your way to/from work.


#2 Make a Grocery List


After you’ve got your meals planned and scheduled for the week, it’s time to make a grocery list.


Too often, individuals hit the grocery store without a list, which leads to impulse purchases (i.e. empty calories), and, more importantly, wasted time.


Creating a grocery list, based on your meal plan established in step #1 above, helps you stay on task while you’re in the grocery store, saving you time, money, and unnecessary calories.


Some additional grocery-shopping tips to keep in mind as you plan for the week are to make sure to always have some pantry staples on hand -- pasta, rice, canned tuna, canned tomatoes -- as well as frozen fruits, veggies, and proteins (chicken or fish). This way you always have stuff on hand to whip up a quick, healthy, and delicious meal instead of ordering takeout!


If you need help with personal grocery list based on your goal and customized diet program than sign up HERE to gain access, its Free.


#3 Batch Prep & Cook


Yet another way to streamline your meal prep and get more time back each week is to batch prep and cook your meals.


Instead of cooking each meal during the day and then eating it, try making big batches of soups, stews, roasted veggies, pasta, rice, and/or protein. After you’re finished cooking, you can then portion them out so you have enough for several days.


If you make a particularly large batch of food (more than 7 portions), you can individually portion and freeze the rest so you always have a healthy and delicious meal at the ready!


Batch cooking eliminates the common excuse of “I don’t have time to eat healthy.” Since your refrigerator (and/or freezer) is always stocked with healthy options to support your weight loss journey.


#4 Plan Your Social Engagements


We are social creatures by nature. As such, we have an inherent learning to mix and mingle with others.


However, not everyone we spend time with shares the goal of weight loss, which can make it difficult to stick to your nutrition plan.


We can be tempted or goaded by others in the room to eat or drink things that aren’t in line with our goals, and because of social pressures, we feel compelled to oblige for fear of offending the people we’re with.


But, it’s important to remember that it’s ok to say “no” (politely). You have to be your greatest advocate. Realize that it’s OK to turn down an offer. Your health, wellness, and weight loss goals are only as important as you make them.


#5 Multi-Task


Multitasking is a dual-edged sword. In some instances, it can actually make us less productive (e.g. flipping back and forth between social media and work), while in others it can actually generate positive results and save us time!


Fortunately for weight loss, multi-tasking falls in the latter category -- beneficial!


For instance, you can watch your favorite TV show or listen to a new podcast while getting in your morning cardio. You can also prep and cook your veggies and proteins while doing laundry.


These tweaks may seem small individually, but compounded over the coming days and weeks, they will lead to huge savings in time!


#6 Separate Cardio and Weights


Exercise is a crucial component of weight loss. It helps increase energy expenditure during the day and builds lean muscle, which further boosts calorie expenditure since the more muscle you have on your body the more calories it burns each day, even if you’re just resting!


Yet, many people struggle to fit enough exercise into their week since they’re under the impression they have to be in the gym for an hour and a half or two hours at a time between cardio and resistance training.


One of the simplest tweaks is to split your cardio and resistance training into separate workouts during the day.


For example, instead of driving to the gym to get in your weight lifting and cardio in one solid block, why not perform fasted cardio in the morning immediately after waking. You don’t need a gym for cardio. You can simply walk right outside and go for a walk, hike, or jog. Another option is to perform bodyweight cardio circuits or jump rope.


Then, in the afternoon, you can hit the weights after work.


This also provides multiple opportunities during the day for you to boost your metabolism and increase calorie burning.


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