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5 Proven Fat Loss Ingredients

Fat burners are some of the most popular supplements on the market. They help increase calorie burning, reduce appetite, and boost metabolism. But, few products on the market actually use ingredients proven to help individuals lose weight.


Here, we present five proven fat loss ingredients you want to use when looking to lose fat as quickly as possible.


Best Fat Loss Supplements




The backbone of any good thermogenic weight loss supplement is caffeine. It stimulates the CNS, boosts calorie burning, and increases fatty acid oxidation (actual “fat burning”). Caffeine is also great for increasing focus, motivation, and mood during dieting -- a period when we’re all a bit cranky, tired, and unmotivated.


Finally, caffeine may also reduce fatigue and perceived exertion, allowing you to train harder for longer (ultimately burning more calories) during workouts, which increases your calorie expenditure and accelerates weight loss.




Derived from the pungent spice Grains of Paradise, Paradoxine is a non-stimulant fat burning ingredient noted in research trials to stimulate brown fat thermogenesis, increase energy expenditure, and enhance fat loss.


1UP Nutrition Pro Ripped Max supplies 15mg of fat-burning Paradoxine in every serving.


Pure L-Carnitine


Carnitine is an amino acid derivative that plays a vital role in energy production, particularly in regards to fat burning. You see, in order for fatty acids to be oxidized (“burned”) for energy, they require the assistance of a “taxi” that shuttles them into the mitochondria where they can be used for energy production.


Carnitine is this biological “taxi” that picks up fatty acids and facilitates their transportation into the mitochondria where they may be oxidized to produce energy. Essentially, carnitine helps your body burn fat more efficiently, and deficiencies in carnitine can significantly impair the body’s ability to burn fat for fuel.


In addition to its fat burning benefits, various forms of carnitine have been noted to improve exercise performance, increase fatty acid oxidation during training (sparing glycogen stores), and enhance recovery.


1UP Nutrition supplies two unique forms of L-Carnitine in L-Carnitine 3000, which provides 3 grams of pure L-Carnitine per serving, and Keto L-Carnitine 3500, which supplies 1.5g of pure L-Carnitine alongside 2 grams of goBHB exogenous ketone salts to amplify and support natural fat burning.


Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract 90% Rauwolscine


Yohimbine is one of the most popular, powerful, and effective fat loss agents. Unfortunately, not everyone responds well to yohimbine due to its extreme potency. Rauwolscine is an isomer of yohimbine that packs the same fat loss punch, but without the anxiety or jitters common to regular Yohimbine.


In terms of mechanisms of action, rauwolscine antagonizes alpha-2 receptors on fat cells, which essentially “clogs” them up and prevents the body from going into fat storage mode. This also has the added fat loss effect of increasing beta receptor availability for fat burning catecholamines such as noradrenaline. When catecholamines bind to beta receptors, it “unlocks” fat cells and stimulates the release of stored fatty acids into the bloodstream, where they can be used by cells for energy production.


Combined with L-Carnitine, this creates a powerful 1-2 punch for enhanced fat burning and greater weight loss.


1UP Nutrition Pro Ripped men’s fat burner contains 2mg rauwolfia vomitoria extract per serving while Make Her Lean Max female thermogenic supplies 1.5mg of the powerful weight loss supplement.


Protein Powder


Having a high protein intake is essential during dieting. When you’re in a calorie deficit, your body will pull from anywhere and everywhere (including your precious lean muscle mass) to satisfy its energy needs.


Consuming a high protein diet helps spare muscle tissue from unnecessary breakdown, which also helps keep your metabolism high. As an added bonus, protein is also incredibly satiating and helps keep you feeling fuller longer.


High-quality protein powders, such as 1UP Whey Protein, help you hit your protein needs for the day without wasting a bunch of unnecessary calories on carbohydrates or fats. It also tastes great, mixes easily, and best of all helps protect lean mass.


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