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4 Ways On How to Get Your Workout “Mojo” Back

So, you are a seasoned gym goer. There is nothing you have not seen or heard when it comes to working out. You have always kept up with all the new gym and fitness trends and workouts. Going to the gym is just what you have always done, your home away from home. Suddenly, you just feel like a break is in order. Nothing too long or extensive, just a break. A break has turned into a month of lackluster of inconsistent workouts. You just don’t feel it anymore.


You lost your workout “mojo”.


If this is you lately, there is hope for you to get it back. Knowing where you are today is the start. Do not worry about how you got here or where you will be tomorrow, just focus on today, because today is all you got.


Some ways to get your mojo back is:


  1. Join 1UP 8 Week Transformation Challenge


You will get all the tools necessary to help you get in shape; nutritional plan, exercise plan, core, cardio, supplement guide, access to private FB group for motivation and inspiration and for extra motivation we are giving away $50,000 to 10 winners.


    2. Do what you thought you would never do


Most people get burned out and lose drive because even though they have approached fitness in different ways, they shy away from methods and ways they feel would not work for them. How do you truly know what you would enjoy or hate if you have never done it before? Find that workout program or routine you swore you would never do, and get into it, it might be the spark you need.


   3. Change environment


This is a really big one for people to adjust to. Maybe you have been a part of a certain gym for years, maybe it is time you both “see other people”, literally. If you have the option of checking out another gym, try it out for a few weeks. Many gyms will let you try the place out before you commit. Or, maybe you need to workout at home for a little bit. We easily adapt to our environments and at times that can lead to a lackluster drive to perform in that environment because we simply get bored.


   4. Challenge yourself with a new diet approach


We always associate diet with working out. Sometimes by revamping one it revives the other. Switch up things by trying out different things like intermittent fasting, the warrior diet, OMAD (one meal a day), whatever. Sometimes challenging yourself in diet will keep the fire going in working out so you can see authentic results.


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