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Male Transformation - Stephon Glover

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Congratulations to our 2022 New Year 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Male 1st place $10,000 cash prize winner Stephon Glover @brotha_outta_space


This is his story


“I have been using 1UP products for about a year now, having learned about the challenges around the same time.  Even though I lost a lot of weight during my first challenge, I struggled to get down to a healthy weight.  During the holidays I saw my weight slowly begin to creep back up. I have struggled with my weight for over a decade, unable to get below a certain threshold for the time. Knowing how competitive I can get, I decided to use the New Year energy to push myself in another challenge.


As my partner would say “irritable, cranky, grumpy and not very pleasant to be around”. I knew from my previous weight loss how hard and far I could push myself. So I went to the limit from day one. There were days I felt weak, discouraged about my weight. Then there were days I felt empowered by my increasing strength and shrinking size. Getting compliments from everyone who saw me didn’t hurt.


During the 6th week of the challenge my entire house got Covid. My 4 year old daughter was the sickest, which scared and stressed me a lot. My partner got it, but not as bad. Mine was less severe, although it did limit my ability to work out.


This challenge really helped fix my relationship with food. This is what had always stalled my weight loss in the past and made me regain the weight. I don’t worry about this anymore. I eat to live, not live to eat. I also learned how to listen to my body with regards to workouts and nutrition.


My experience with the challenge has been great. I enjoyed pushing myself to new limits. I intend to continue with subsequent challenges so that I can reach my goal physique and beyond. For anyone just starting out, coming back or continuing I have a few tips for success and pushing past your limits:  

- Track everything you eat or drink.

- Give up something for a week or two every now and then (Carbs, Alcohol, etc.)

- Don’t be afraid to try something new.”


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