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Male transformation - Shawn Enrique

We want to give a huge shoutout to our #1upnutrition Ambassador Shawn @iamshawnenrique on an amazing Transformation!

This is his story

“At a young age, I fell in love with the process of chasing the BEST version of myself! I decided to STOP settling for being just another average guy and started chasing my dreams! This meant doing any and everything that I possibly could in a day to get at least 1% better every day! That also meant to share my journey with as many people as possible! Along the way I aspire to inspire as many individuals as possible!

As a former collegiate athlete, I have gained some massive insight on how to get the most out of life. Each and every successful person that I have spoken with has emphasized the importance of being on top of your health, because your HEALTH is wealth! It allows you to be there for your family for as long as possible which is so valuable! I set the example for my family when it comes to being the best version of ourselves. Feeling great gives me the confidence to smash all of my goals in life! I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to and so can you!”

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