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Male Transformation - Robens Thoby

Congratulations to our Summer 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Male 1st place $10,000 cash prize winner Robens Thoby @haitiantank

This is his story 

“ My weight loss journey began in 2017. I was going through some rough times and my weight jumped to 335 lbs. I began having problems walking from plantar fasciitis, I had problems breathing and all sorts of other medical issues. At that point in my life, I made a serious decision to change and start my weight loss journey.

Over the past 3 years my partner Ovilmene Jean and I always made little health and fitness challenges in an effort to make weight loss fun. In July we both fell ill due to covid-19. While I was lying in bed with a fever and could barely move, Ovy asked me to join the 1upnutrition challenge. I looked at her like, don't you see that I'm sick! lol. I agreed to join the 1upnutrition challenge and support her because she always supported me and has been by my side.

The first week of the challenge I was still positive with Covid-19 and still in quarantine. On August 8th I was cleared to go to gym. The first day we went for a walk I could not even walk half a mile. I was having problems breathing and returned home. The next day I was determined to go further and we ended up walking 5 miles. From that point we would walk 10 plus miles a day and I would work out for 3 hours plus at the gym.


Throughout the challenge I used the 1upnutrition products for fasted cardio, strength training, appetite control, pre-workout, intra workout, post workout and recovery! I had no days off from the gym. I ate no sweets, sugar, pasta, rice, junk food or any processed foods! I never believed in cheat meals or cheat days because then I would be cheating on myself. Thanks to our disciplined lifestyle, my partner, our son Aden and the amazing products from 1upnutrition, we won and won BIG! The 1upnutrition challenge reignited my passion for fitness that I thought I had lost over the years. Everyone who knows me, knows that fitness is all I talk about and now am even more committed to helping others reignite their love for fitness and #becomebetter"


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