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Male transformation - Ramesh Jathar

Congratulations to our dear customer and 8 week #1uptransformationchallenge participant Ramesh Jathar @ramesh_jathar on a fantastic transformation!

This is his story 👇

“ I have always struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In the last 10 years my weight has always gone up and down. I am a public servant so I don't get enough time to eat and workout. I have always wanted a great physique but continuously failed to achieve it due to my busy schedule. During the pandemic my schedule got busier and I gained weight. I knew I needed to make changes in order to increase my immunity and stay healthy. I needed something challenging to push me to step out of my comfort zone. Then I found the 1Up Nutrition Transformation Challenge. I knew this challenge could make a difference in my life, so I immediately started participating in it. After signing up I realized that 1Up also provided workout plans & meal plans, and all I had to do was follow it.

During the first 2 weeks I followed the plan without a problem. However, after that the lockdown started and my duties became stricter. Which meant I only had time to work out at night.

Due to my age and job, I would get so tired at times that I couldn’t even do my workouts and would have to wait until my day off. My diet started to suffer since I had no time to eat my meals, except for breakfast and dinner. But, throughout the day I would eat street food in order to reach my macros.

Whenever I thought of giving up, I told myself not to, and that’s how I completed my 8 weeks. I lost 24 pounds while participating in the challenge. This is just the beginning, and I have a lot of work to do. But I do want to say that 1up taught me how to calculate macros and adjust them. The products are also really good and the protein tastes like a treat. For anyone that wants to make a change in their life, I would just tell them to step out of their comfort zone, and they will see results. There’s no age restriction for the challenge, I’m 51 and did it. So, just relax, age is just a number, and always remind yourself to never give up. Thank you 1Up, for doing a good job and not just changing bodies, but transforming peoples lives.”


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