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Male Transformation - Javonte Pope

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Congratulations to our 2022 Summer 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Male 3rd place $4,000 cash prize winner Javonte Pope


This is his story


“I joined the 1Up Transformation Challenge so it would hold me accountable. I was unhappy with my body, I used to be a college athlete, and I just wanted to start feeling better overall. During the challenge you’re tested both physically and mentally. During the challenge I felt great the first month, but then once I cut out a lot of my carbs in the second month it was rough, but I stayed consistent and disciplined. The one main obstacle I really had to overcome was my carvings but that's where 1up nutrition products came in the clutch. The most important thing I've learned was if you stay consistent and disciplined you can achieve the outcome you are wanting or aiming for. For those that are starting or struggling with the fitness journey make the gym a priority like you would your job. It's just a great overall feeling and I promise your confidence will go through the roof.”


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