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Male Transformation - Ivan Escobar

Congratulations to our dear customer and 8 week #1uptransformationchallenge participant Ivan Escobar @ivan_thegreat14 on a fantastic transformation!


This is his story


“I decided to join the 1Up Transformation Challenge to help me have a goal and hold myself accountable. Challenges are not always easy, that is why they are called challenges right? But it was something I needed to do for myself, I owed it to myself. I consider myself a strong person but from time to time jokes still affect you, especially in front of people you wouldn't joke around (bosses, girls, family members). That's how I decided to take the lead of my future and be make the change. Setbacks, cravings, pain is part of the journey but you have to keep yourself driven, competing against yourself every day. Tools and the 1UP app helped me a lot, I learned many things, from counting macros (never done it before) to counting my calorie intake and being able to manage a deficit. Also as a Vegan, the sources of information are limited so I was glad the program also included vegan information. 


Overall the feeling is great, I feel better inside and out. I just want to keep going and going from now on, the challenge has ended but for me, it was just the beginning of the journey.”


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