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Male Transformation - Hector Marchena

We want to give a huge shoutout to our #1upnutrition Athlete Hector Marchena @hector_marchena_ on an amazing transformation!


This is his story


“ Don't tell me you were born to be skinny, don't tell me you can't gain weight, I did it & you can do it too. It has been a crazy, long ride to accomplish this. I was introduced to the weights my sophomore year of high school. At the beginning I never took it serious, I was always on and off since I was playing football and soccer at the time. As soon as I graduated I decided to take fitness serious and give it everything I had. Life is seriously about tiny steps and when you add up these baby steps you'll be amazed at the results you’ll get over the course of time. My biggest advice is to stop waiting and start now, there’s never a perfect moment to change your life around. Believe in yourself, stick to your goal, one step at a time. You got this!”


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