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Male Transformation - Carlo

Congratulations to our 2021 Fall 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Male 4th place $6,000 cash prize winner Carlo @carlo.steban


This is his story


“ Growing up I always struggled with weight so I did a lot of sports to try to counter that. It wasn't until college that I started taking working out more seriously, but personal failures sabotaged that journey for me. I needed to gain control of my health once again after a few health scares. I had high blood pressure, cholesterol, and pre diabetic symptoms all at 27. Coming from a family of heart disease and diabetes the doctors told me if I did not change my habits, I would most likely have a heart attack by the time I was 50. I joined the 1UP Transformation challenge back in 2020 but I failed miserably the first time. It was not until this last fall 2021 challenge that I really went all in. The 1UP FB group and reading about the amazing transformation stories was a big factor in not giving up. The support system this company has built is incredible.


The challenge was not easy. There were times I just wanted to quit or was too tired to workout. But I owed it to myself to finish and keep going. After quitting multiple times, I could no longer keep letting myself down. Once I started noticing my results in the mirror, that was a lot of motivation to keep going. Find satisfaction in the discomfort, I promise it is worth it at the end of the challenge.


My biggest obstacle was finding time for family. I felt like my life was nonstop at all times. I would sometimes hit cardio twice a day plus a workout. Between that and long working hours it was almost impossible to find time for my loved ones.


Having friends who are heavily into fitness also motivated me a lot, your circle and who you surround yourself with can make an impact on your life. I learned that I love to run. I used to HATE running or any kind of cardio even when I used to be fairly fit out of high school


Just don't give up. It sounds cliche but that's all it comes down to. We are human and it's okay to fall off the tracks but never give up.”


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