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Make Transformation - Felix Angiano

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Congratulations to our 2024 New Year 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Male 4th place $3,000 cash prize winner Felix Angiano 


This is his story:


“First and foremost, I’d like to give a huge shoutout to 1UP for holding me accountable when I was going through the tragedy of losing my little brother Junior, so with that being said, thank you 1UP this means way more than you can imagine.


This challenge was a huge struggle but what kept me going was the weekly photos since the progress I was seeing not only on the scale but more of the mirror. Knowing that my work was showing for itself was the motivation that fueled me. Losing weight is not new to me as most of us know the roller coaster of being overweight our whole life but it was different this time around. I bought a bundle of 1UP supps and found myself drinking a variety of different protein drinks like juice and using the raspberry lemonade Pure Rebuild after every hard day of training. You have to find what works for you because we’re all different. For me it was taking advantage of the 1UP app, the health benefits I was gaining from using 1UP supplements and working out 3-5 days a week along with a realistic lifestyle diet. Don’t doubt yourself, just do it. I’m not online to reap the benefits of all the positive vibes from the private Facebook group but I know we all tried our best and gave it our all and placing or not you’re a winner because you completed something that you started. 


Thanks to the select few that knew I was doing this challenge for all the encouragement and love. Congratulations to everybody who joined. Shout out to the Wifey for being my photographer.


If you’re still here reading this long story and contemplating to join the challenge just take that leap of faith and who knows what will happen because believe me, I was SHOCKED that I even placed. Take your 1UP supplements and stick to a routine. This one was for you brother, it’ll always be Long Live Junior. I Consider placing 4th as a stepping stone in my fitness journey because this is just the beginning.”


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