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Female Transformation - Yvonne Castaneda

Congratulations to our dear customer and 8 week #1uptransformationchallenge participant Yvonne Castaneda @fitcubana on a fantastic transformation!


This is her story


“I had suffered through bulimia, depression, and exercise addiction for nearly twenty years, and I worried getting into the challenge would derail me and set me back. The challenge was a chance for me to embrace resistance and work through my feelings without resorting to unhealthy behaviors. When I submitted week one pictures, I reminded myself that neither my physical body nor the number on a weight scale define me; my self-worth and value aren’t rooted in my physical appearance.

 Each morning I spent 30 minutes in prayer, and I would vocalize positive affirmations for the day: I am strong. I am capable. I am healed. These affirmations energized me! My concentration and sleep improved. Never did I lose motivation, and I maintained balance. It felt good to exercise for the sake of health rather than for a ‘perfect’ body. 


I was on the struggle bus with meal prepping! I had to be super basic when it came to food choices, which I overcame by focusing less on diet and more on staying consistent with my weight-lifting routine. Protein shakes were my go-to whenever I ran out of time or didn’t have the energy to cook. 


I learned that balance is possible, and that there is power in positive visualizations. I learned that all things really are possible through Him. 


Always define your goal. If your goal is to “feel empowered”, exercise is the strategy to achieve it. Mind your thoughts! Your mind is like a garden; your dreams are like plants trying to grow, and negative thoughts are the weeds that choke them. Pull out the ‘weeds’ and fertilize the plants with good thoughts. I am capable. I am worthy. Surround yourself with good people. If the people in your life continuously work to defeat you, show them the door! Lastly, don’t give up if you ‘stumble’. If you were to get a flat tire, would you replace the tire or just slash the other three? You’d replace the tire, right? So if you miss one day in the gym or have pizza, don’t quit! Fix the one flat tire!”


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