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Female Transformation - Vanessa Garcia

Congratulations to our dear customer and 8 week #1uptransformationchallenge participant Vanessa Garcia (FB/chiki.bee) on a fantastic transformation!


This is her story


“I was at the re start of my health and fitness journey yet again. I was at a strong start but needed a little structure. I had heard of 1UP and decided to order some sample products to keep things going. I then saw the opportunity for the 1UP Transformation Challenge. Once I received the samples, I loved everything and decided to order products and join the challenge. The 1UP app offers so many different helpful tips and workout routines with videos of each exercise as reference. If I hit any time that I felt unmotivated or needed any guidance, the Facebook group provides so much help and encouragement for others just like me, just wanting to be better, feel better and look better!  This challenge helped me learn how to track my food apply new exercises and introduced me to new products that have helped me stay motived and have energy to stay disciplined and follow through. Although it was tough posting my before photo and being transparent, It was worth the smile in my after.  My hope is that for anyone that reads my journey and sees my results in 8 weeks know they can do it too!!  Thank you 1UP for the opportunity, see you for the fall challenge!”


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