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Female Transformation - Tiffany Brown

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Congratulations to our 2021 Summer 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Female 3rd place $4,000 cash prize winner Tiffany Brown @smallsexoticcolors 


This is her story


“Age 31 and My health was at its worst. I was embarrassed to take family photos I’ve missed 2 Christmas pictures because my weight, I didn’t want anyone to see me like that. I would also avoid people because I didn’t want them to say that I’ve gained weight. I became depressed. I was always tired. Ultimately very unhappy with myself and disappointed in how I let myself go. I’ve always been the chubby girl but after having 2 children both of which are special needs I always found an excuse not to exercise and eat whenever and whatever. Things got way out of control to the point I would look at myself in the mirror and question who are you? It was Very saddening. I found this challenge to be the perfect opportunity to hold myself accountable, I would always say I’ll start my diet and exercise Monday and well Monday never came. This challenge gave me an ultimate start date and gave me incredible motivation. My motivation ran out close to 4 weeks in and something bigger happened from that point “Discipline” took over. It’s been amazing, to tell you how I felt to make time to take care of myself, I would feel so empowered after and during my workout. Not only was I working out but I was doing so every day in front of my 5 year old son being an example for him. Quitting was not an option. I thought complete this challenge and you can have something you can say you have done. I gave it my all everyday. I ultimately learned that I have time for myself because I make time. You won’t regret it, it’s the best thing that you can do for yourself by eating clean because it’s good for your body and don’t take exercise for granted, do it because you can. My husband is disabled and he wishes he can be able to walk and exercise. I’m just truly blessed that I’m capable and I couldn’t of done this without the support of my family. I will continue on with the good habits that I’ve picked up along the way and help others that need the encouragement. Thank you 1up for this opportunity it’s been an honor to show the world what I’m capable of.”


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