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Female transformation - Tenisha Houston

Congratulation to our dear customer and 8 week #1uptransformationchallenge participant Tenisha Houston @divainnavy on a fantastic transformation!

This is her story.

“My weight has always been a struggle of mine since childhood. I had never really learned what health and fitness actually looked like. Most of my adult life consisted of a cycle of overeating, fad diets and little to no exercise. Those bad habits were further perpetuated after I joined the military where my job security was determined by me maintaining above average physical and weight standards.
In 2018 after completing my tour I was honorably discharged from the Navy and it was then that the stress from the transition of starting all over in life with a family that took its toll on me mentally and physically. I gained a substantial amount of weight and started suffering from headaches, knee pain and anxiety on a daily basis. In moments where it felt I could have just succumbed to all of the stressors of life, I turned to fitness seeking a healthier lifestyle.
I ran into the 1UP Transformation Challenge and knew this was what I needed to reach my results. At first I focused on the goal to win money but that made the process long and daunting. I’d get discouraged when I didn’t see immediate results after only a couple of weeks into the challenge and would compare my results to others in the group. It was at that moment I had to shift my focus. I continued to be diligent with my workouts, nutrition, sleep and supplements just as the coaches had emphasized. I noticed great change in my mood, strength and my clothes and that was enough to keep me motivated and pushing harder. While I’ve only had a 16 lbs weight loss my body was gaining more muscle and becoming more defined.
This challenge has been a game changer and really accelerated my progress to overcome a plateau. The 1UP Facebook group, the coaches and the supplements all played a role in me getting the results that I have achieved thus far. I encourage new participants to be diligent with nutrition, consistent workouts and implement supplements. Be kind to yourself and remember to enjoy the process!"


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