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Female Transformation - Tammy Monk

Congratulations to our dear customer and 8 week #1uptransformationchallenge participant Tammy Monk @tammy_monk_fit on a fantastic transformation!


This is her story


“I did this challenge a few years ago and lost 10lbs and was feeling amazing. Since then, I had gained it all back with a few extra pounds. I had tried a challenge since then and quit after a few weeks. I kept trying but the pounds were not budging and I was fatigued all the time with all my weight in my abdomen. I went to the doctor and I was informed that I was pre diabetic. I couldn’t believe it! I’m 5’7’’ and was only 150lbs. I decided I needed to get back on track and get healthy. The next challenge was a few weeks away and I was determined to finish. I knew I had to switch things up since what I had done previously wasn’t working. After 3 kids and being in my 40’s my metabolism isn’t working like it used to. So in the morning my routine was 1 up nutrition greens and reds with a scoop of fiber and multi go vitamins. So helpful with my digestion. I was also recommended to do a low glycemic diet so my favorite flavor protein powder chocolate peanut butter was my best friend. Weightlifting 4-5 times per week and cardio 2-3 times per week and I went from 150lb to 135lb with a total loss 15lbs in 8 weeks this challenge. I feel amazing! The one thing I have learned is to never quit. If you fail get back up and try again.”


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