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Female Transformation - Samantha Strock

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Congratulations to our 2022 Fall 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Female 5th place $2,000 cash prize winner Samantha Strock @samkeat


This is her story:


“I'm the mom of four amazing, crazy, and energetic boys. My kids are 12, 5 year old identical twins, and my youngest is almost 3. Needless to say, they take all of my energy and time! By the end of the day I'm typically too exhausted to do anything for myself. Before having kids I was athletic and fit but having 3 kids in just over 2 years following two miscarriages and the weight gain that came along with that really took a toll on my body.

For 5 years I did not feel like myself and those were very hard at times. I decided to join this challenge and not wait for the new year or start over Monday, there were no more excuses. I was going to start prioritizing myself. I started prioritizing my workouts even if that meant I had my kids joining me. I started to realize that even if having my kids joining my workouts made it more difficult, I was getting it done and also setting a positive example for them.

I incorporated 1UP products and started eating cleaner. Seeing the results made me continue and made it easier. I started to love looking in the mirror at my progress and best of all loved taking pictures with my kids because I no longer hated how I looked. I've already joined the next challenge and I'm more motivated than ever. I've placed my order for even more supplements than before! I'm going to focus on losing some more fat and really focus on getting toned.

I'm no longer ashamed of what I look like and am going to be sharing more on social media as I do the next challenge. My kids were so excited for me when they saw I placed which made it that much better. Thanks 1UP!”



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