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Female Transformation - Rebecca Slough

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Congratulations to our 2021 New Year 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Female 5th place $2,000 cash prize winner Rebecca Slough @queenbeesince89


This is her story


“I’m 32 years old and for most of my life I lived with unhealthy habits. As a child I used to play lots of sports up until middle school, I got really sick and developed asthma which led me to quit playing sports all together. Throughout the years of high school and adulthood I never worked out from being so afraid of having an attack. I ate mostly fast food/takeout. I now have a wonderful husband and two beautiful children, it wasn’t until fall 2021 that I decided I wanted a healthy lifestyle but was unsure of where to start. I learned about 1UP Nutrition from a friend of mine which led me to discovering about the transformation challenge, Therefore I registered for my first challenge of 2022, my goal was to lose weight and tone up with overall goal of living better for myself and family. During the challenge I felt the fear of my asthma defeating me from finishing. I took each day one by one and learned to rest but not quit. I faced many obstacles such as getting discouraged by the scale, not perfecting each workout, dealing with multiple hardships. At times I wanted to give up but I would remind myself I am looking for progress not perfection, feeling how much better my clothes fit, and knowing hard times will always come and go and to push back even harder by not letting anything define who I want to be. This challenge also taught me that I don’t have starve myself and how it does more harm than good. My overall experience in this has been nothing less than educating and knowing this lifestyle is possible along with working out being more enjoyable than I ever thought, all from learning how to do so correctly. For anyone just starting out first think about what motivates you, always remember, weightlifting form is everything, do not worry about how heavy you’re lifting, to give yourself all the time you need and lastly be kind and unwind with a rest day because recovery is HUGE!”


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