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Female Transformation - Melissa Mckinley

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Congratulations to our 2021 Fall 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Female 2nd place $6,000 cash prize winner Melissa McKinley @Melissanatashaxo


This is her story


“ I was someone who once loved fitness and fell off track. I let my busy life get in the way of my overall health. I allowed the stress of Covid to affect me. I worked the front lines during the pandemic in the emergency department. Once I got home from a long and stressful day I welcomed food and wine in, rather than coping with fitness like I have in the past.


This challenge was a chance for me to reset and challenge myself to put my health first once again. I knew 8 weeks of prioritizing myself would allow me to find a new routine and balance in my life that I could carry forward.


The hardest part of the challenge was organizing my life to fit in fitness and nutrition. Now that I’ve completed the challenge, I know I can manage my newfound routines.

I attribute my success to my partner who supported me throughout this challenge & meal prep! Jake would drag me to the gym when I didn’t feel like going and made sure I stuck with my nutrition plan. We kept each other accountable. 

Meal prep and plenty of water was key to keep cravings and hunger down. The human body is capable of impressive change in a short period of time.


My advice to those starting would be to make a plan and start. Instead of making excuses, challenge yourself to find solutions. I also recommend tracking your progress on a weekly basis with pictures and measurements including weight. Make sure to have a support system in place. Also, make sure you work just as hard in the kitchen as you would in the gym. A balanced nutrition plan and workout routine go hand-in-hand for the best results possible. And as someone once wrote on gym wall “the pain you feel today is the strength you will feel tomorrow.”


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