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Female Transformation - Mariza Renovato

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Congratulations to our 2023 Summer 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Female 2nd place $6,000 cash prize winner Mariza Renovato @3nely 


This is her story


“I have known about this challenge for two years. I wanted to enter, but the fear and embarrassment of failure kept me from it. I got tired of being tired. So, I decided to change months before the challenge started. As fear and embarrassment kept me from joining, my doggy became sick, then paralyzed. Which pushed me to set new limits for myself by working 2 jobs and donating plasma so that I could afford his surgery/care. I came into the challenge with the sole purpose of doing better, becoming better regardless if I placed or not.


Being in the challenge made me feel accomplished. I constantly told myself: “The worst that can happen is I don’t try and I stay the same”. Not only did I feel my body change, but I also felt my mental and emotional state change. The biggest obstacle that I overcame was being comfortable with excuses. I did the work while tired, stressed, and while in pain. Quitting was no option for me, even after being diagnosed with arthritis during the challenge.


I learned that discipline takes you places that motivation cannot. Setting realistic goals and understanding the path to them was difficult, but rewarding. The challenge helped me develop a better, more driven me. My only regret is not having done it sooner.


To those starting their fitness journey, not every diet or workout program is a one size fits all. Set a realistic goal, do your research, don’t rely on motivation, and stay disciplined. It’s easy to get unmotivated. Just remember that the only one you are in real competition with is yourself.”


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