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Female Transformation - Maritza Almaraz

Congratulation to our dear customer and 8 week #1uptransformationchallenge participant Maritza Almaraz (FB/Maritza.e.almaraz) on a fantastic transformation!

This is her story:

“ I’ve never felt comfortable with my own body, and after having two kids and gaining excessive weight with both pregnancies, I thought I was never going to love the way I looked. I started working out and actually lost weight but I was lacking motivation. That’s when I came across the 1Up Nutrition Transformation Challenge on social media. At first, I didn’t think it was real but once I joined the Facebook group and started seeing all the wonderful transformations, that’s when I decided to start working on myself. This challenge has been the most rewarding experience. Not only have I gained confidence in myself when I look in the mirror, but most importantly I have knowledge on how to reach my goals. I have acquired self-discipline and a healthier lifestyle as well. I have to say it hasn't been easy, even though you are given all the resources and amazing supplements that will aid on this journey you still have to put in the work. I had to find the time to make everything work, while having a full-time job and two hyperactive kids to care of. Although you have to make a commitment to better yourself it's all worth it at the end. Do not give up! #Becomebetter “


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