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Female Transformation - Marie Groh

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Congratulations to our 2023 Fall 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Female 3rd place $4,000 cash prize winner Marie Groh 


This is her story


“ A friend of mine introduced me to the 1UP Challenge and it sounded intriguing. I had spent many years at a stressful office job sitting and eating. The longer I sat, the worse I felt. I’ve noticed that when I’m sedentary, I eat. If I’m moving, I have much less desire to eat.


I felt amazing during the challenge… so much more energetic and excited to move and eat healthy. My joints stopped aching and it was amazing to feel my strength increasing!


One of the biggest obstacles for me has been prioritizing the time. I have so many different things on my daily to do list and it’s never a set schedule. So, I have to pause and be mindful of my time and making sure I’m prioritizing my training… otherwise I’ll find myself skipping it all together.


I learned that it’s best for me to make myself get up early and get my workout done. Otherwise, there’s so much vying for my attention that throws me off track. So many moving parts to my day in general that I have to prioritize that “me time” first thing.


My experience… make yourself the most important thing in your life. We have 1 body to get us through our every day lives and it’s essential that we properly care for it.


My #1 tip is take it step by step. Sometimes we overthink too much and it’s really just a matter of choosing to begin, choosing to keep going, choosing to continue. Busy day?  Just put everything aside and go workout… just choose. Can’t complete an exercise “perfectly”?  Modify. You will improve as you go. When I started out… I couldn’t complete hardly anything fully. Now, I complete all the exercises fully. It just takes practice and perseverance.”


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