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Female transformation - Keelyn Flores

Congratulations to our Spring 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge 3rd place cash prize Female winner Keelyn Flores @kellyfitnesslife_24

This is her story

“ I’m so honored to win this challenge. At the age of 35 it’s been very difficult to balance a marriage & take care of my four children while staying fit & healthy. Being from Honduras my diet changed when I came to the United States at 18 years old. It went from mostly organic to very processed items. Before, I was also very active outdoors & that slowed down as my children grew up.

It’s been a struggle dealing with anemia & the consequences of getting overweight. My husband jokes that I can really let myself go & that’s especially true during times of stress. When the lockdown happened here in New York I gained at least another ten pounds after having a rough winter already overeating. I was telling my friend how depressed & sad I was on top of worrying about my health since I was very overweight. She encouraged me to join the challenge so I could feel better about myself & help my immune system during these difficult times. I really needed something positive to focus on & had to be creative in the ways I could work out since fitness items were out of stock and gyms closed. What made it easier was 1UP’s home workouts & nutrition plan that was based on my goals after joining the challenge. I was lucky to have a stationary bike, my husband’s kettle bells and a couple of weights plus a tire to flip.

Meal prepping during these times was tough as fresh vegetables & protein were out of stock at times. 1UP’s supplements came in handy to fill some gaps like their pre workout, after a long day at work as an essential employee. I feel like now I have more energy to get through my busy day & fit into smaller sizes now which has really helped with my mood. I’m glad my friends & family have been motivated to join the next challenge because a challenge like this can give you more confidence & jumpstart a healthier lifestyle.”