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Female Transformation - Joy Anderson

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Congratulations to our 2023 Fall 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Female 5th place $2,000 cash prize winner Joy Anderson @only_jojo 


This is her story 


“My greatest takeaway from this 2023 Fall Challenge was my tenacity to keep moving forward! So often I set health and fitness goals only to have an off day where I missed a workout or ate something “not a part of my meal plan”, and I’d just completely give up. I’d throw the challenge away or scrap my goals altogether because I didn’t follow through perfectly. However, whose life is perfect? The reality of the matter is that two days rarely look the same, and I needed to learn to extend myself grace. Grace to rest when I felt I needed to, grace to miss a workout if my schedule conflicted, grace to eat those few pieces of Halloween candy, or a small bowl of macaroni and cheese during the Thanksgiving holidays. The goal was never to deprive myself or feel miserable at the end of the day, but to create new and healthier

habits. I learned that just because I indulge occasionally, does not negate all the effort and progress I

have made. So instead of giving up, I would just pick up right where I’d left off and keep pushing forward!


During this challenge, I lost 15 pounds and 9 inches total! My clothes fit better than ever, and I feel the difference in my overall endurance. I am motivated more now than ever to reach my next goals! I have continued to make progress between this last challenge and the new 2024 New Year’s Challenge that begins in a few weeks. I am so excited to continue my health and fitness journey with 1Up Nutrition and join the next challenge! Let’s help keep each other accountable! Will you join me in the next challenge and make the this year the BEST year?!


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