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Female Transformation Jessica Fauver

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Congratulations to our Spring 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge 4th place cash prize Female winner Jessica Fauver @warrior_jessica_slashes_fat

This is her story

“ I started my weight loss/fitness journey January 2019. I avoided the scale for many years and when it was time I weighed in at my heaviest of 354 pounds. I was constantly in pain and always miserable. I was at a point that I was ready to give up. I joined my current gym and worked on my nutrition right away. I did bootcamp which was a miracle for me. As the months went by the weight started melting off.

In the past I have struggled with my eating habits. Once the pandemic happened and the gyms were closed, my eating habits started to slip and I gained close to 40 pounds. I knew what worked for me, and challenges really helped me a lot. That's what led me to the 1Up Nutrition Transformation Challenge. I knew I needed a challenge to get me back on the right track and I was able to lose 20 pounds and have started to shred and lose more fat.

I overcame those bad habits that were starting to form during the shutdown. The lack of motivation is now gone. I am now motivated and ready to continue to challenge myself and reach more goals. I was able to learn different workouts that I could do at home until my gym opened back up. I loved the nutrition plan, it helped get me back on track. I also learned it's ok to enjoy your food, but if you fall off track, just try to get back on and I learned not to beat myself up about it.

From someone who was over 350 pounds, it is possible and it can happen. Make sure you have the right mindset, believe in yourself and love yourself. Learn to trust the process. It took us years to put on weight and it will take time to get it off. Consistency is key not only with workouts but nutrition and staying in caloric deficit is what will work. Make this a lifestyle change and do it for you.


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