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Female Transformation - Jaronda Ryant

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Congratulations to our 2022 Spring 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Female 3rd place $4,000 cash prize winner Joranda Ryant @shawdee_jay


This is her story.


“I've tried several challenges with 1UP before but never had the motivation to get past the 2nd week. While trying to complete the Fall 2021 challenge I ruptured my Achilles and couldn't work out for 5 months after having surgery. During the time I was healing, my eating habits went downhill and when I took my before pictures for the Spring 2022 challenge I was so disappointed in myself. None of my clothes fit and I hated looking in the mirror. In previous challenges I didn't take weekly pictures but decided to do so this time and that was my motivation! Seeing my body change from week to week gave me the push I needed. The hardest part of the challenge for me was keeping track of my macros. I hated adding in every single thing I consumed but once I started keeping track is when I noticed major changes in the way my clothes fit and what the scale said. The feeling of NEEDING to go to the gym and NEEDING to take my supplements and NEEDING to meal prep grew deeper each week during the challenge. Despite working two jobs, going to school part-time, and being a mom, I made it happen because of my great support system; including everyone in the 1UP Transformation Facebook group! My advice would be to stay consistent and don't give up! You don't have to miss out on time with family and friends and deprive yourself of things you love because you're on a "diet" if you have a bad day, follow it up with a lot of really good days! If you're anything like me then you already know what happens when you quit, why not stick it out and see what happens when you don't quit!”


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