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Female transformation- Dominique Foster

Congratulation to our dear customer and 8 week #1uptransformationchallenge participant Dominique Foster @dominiquejfoster on a fantastic transformation!

This is her story 👇

“ Between having three back surgeries within the last two years, I managed to gain a whopping 40lbs. With each back surgery, came less exercise and more weight gain. I found myself spiraling further down the hole with each surgery both physically and mentally. Following my third back surgery my fiancé and I decided to get back into a healthy lifestyle and needed something to hold us accountable. This challenge did just that.


Throughout the challenge I honestly struggled like crazy, but my fiancé motivated me throughout the entire 8 weeks. I was only 5 months post-op and was still in recovery from having my artificial disc replacement fused in my lumbar spine. There were many ups and downs with the exercise portion of the challenge. But my fiancé and I were able to work around my pain, and decide when I needed to slow down or when I was physically strong enough to push through. Because of him I stuck to this challenge.


Seeing him push himself every single day motivated me to do the same! This challenge reignited our love for fitness and drove us to follow our dreams of opening a personal training business! Throughout this process I learned to be more kind to myself, I’ve always been very hard on myself following my surgeries because of how weak I become due to being bed ridden for so long afterwards, but he constantly reminded me how far I’d come, both physically and mentally and it’s what kept me pushing forward.


If I could give any advice, it’d be to do this challenge with someone if possible. This challenge grew my fiancé and I’s relationship, we worked towards a goal together and were each other's support systems the entire way and I’m so thankful we made the decision to do this challenge!”



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