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Female Transformation - Bianca Gonzales

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Congratulations to our 2023 New Year 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Female 1st place $10,000 Cash prize winner Bianca Gonzales @yoursweetestbee


This is her story


“ I joined this challenge with the mentality of not to kill myself to be the skinniest, but to be the healthiest I’ve ever been. My entire life I’ve struggled with my weight. I was constantly being torn down and bullied by not having the ideal perfect petite body or not looking like my siblings, friends, and family. To be honest I’ve never truly loved myself in my own skin. In 2021 I lost my mom to cancer and immediately after I lost myself and let my health go downhill drastically. These past couple of years have been my darkest and it was showing in my health mentally and physically. 


Since then, my weight has fluctuated, and I got the strength to join the 1UP nutrition challenge. I reminded myself this is my life and I’m my biggest competition. During the Challenge I learned to eat better while balancing all the foods I love and even learned to relieve my stress with exercising. At the end of the day our health is our priority and I plan on continuing this journey with a positive mentality and focused on doing better for my family and most importantly myself!


I’m thankful for the entire 1Up Nutrition family because everyone is truly inspiring, and I admire what 1 Up Nutrition has created. It’s a safe and uplifting community where it’s okay to be you, a plus is meeting new people who are going through similarities. Last but not least, the amazing products they offer I honestly feel like I’m cheating with the protein shakes and the treats!”




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