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Female Transformation - Ashley Plummer

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Congratulations to our 2023 New Year 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Female 4th place $3,000 cash prize winner Ashley Plummer  @ashleyplummer


This is her story


“Growing up I was always the "chubby kid" or "fat kid." I remember being bullied a lot for my weight.  I developed unhealthy eating habits and binge eating disorder in my adolescence.


So fast forward to my early twenties I got really into working out. I would do aerobic classes, bootcamp style classes, and some weightlifting. I still didn't understand much of the nutrition side of things.


I found out about the 1 Up Nutrition transformation challenge in 2020. At first I was like sounds nice but, no way! Then I decided to just push myself out of my comfort zone and give it a shot. 


I signed up for my 1st 1UP Transformation Challenge and ordered my supplements. I love the energy I felt from the supplements and the encouragement from the 1up fam's fb group. I learned how to count macros in the FREE 1up fitness app. 


Since 2020 I have enrolled in at least 6-8 1upnutrition Challenges, some of them I have completed some of them I haven't.  I just have come to realize I enjoy doing challenges and I love 1upnutrition products and the 1up facebook group.


My advice to someone new to 1up challenges is DON'T GIVE UP ON YOURSELF! It has taken lots of challenges for me too finally realize the journey doesn't have to be perfect.  You just gotta start and even if you have some bad days just get right back on track.  Thank you 1up for providing a platform to where can challenge ourselves to become better each day.”


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