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Female transformation - Anjanette Laverty

Congratulation to our dear customer and 8 week #1uptransformationchallenge participant Anjanette Laverty @pulsefitness.shattuck on a fantastic transformation!

This is her story 👇

“ I wanted to join this challenge because I finally felt like I could do something to change how I was feeling. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2010 at a time when I was pretty fit. This literally made me depressed since i was going from fit to not being able to dress myself. Ten years later I finally was in remission and i was able to finally work out without regretting it the next day. In the past year I was released to work out at which time I tore my ACL a few months later snow skiing over spring break. While trying to strengthen my leg I saw the 1Up nutrition challenge and really thought I have nothing else to lose and the workouts would give me something to look forward to. I would hold me accountable and push me to work on myself.


This challenge made me feel supported although I didn’t know anybody else in the group. Watching everybody’s transformations and struggles made me feel as though I could accomplish my goals even when I wanted to stop. During Covid I felt like not doing anything as I’m sure most of us were. I began videoing my videos with other gym members so we could work out together on Zoom as a way to hold each other accountable and see each other. After not being able to fully workout for the past 10 years I really would have rather just sit on the couch and watch TV but the pre-workout helped to motivate me to keep going and not feel so tired for my workouts. One thing I learned is that you have to make time for yourself to get healthy. The best advice to anyone starting their journey is to schedule a time every day at the same time and do not change that schedule for anything. Once I was able to get into a regular routine it made it so much easier and now I crave the workouts. My family has been supportive throughout this process and they understand that this is a priority for me. Make a plan, and stick with it! Find a group where you feel supported but ultimately you have to want to make the change. Trust the process and don’t give up!”



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