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Female Transformation - Anastasia Westbrook

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Congratulations to our 2024 New Year 8 Week #1uptransformationchallenge Female 4th place $3,000 cash prize winner Anastasia Westbrook @anastasiaalexandra916 


This is her story


“I be joined the 1Up Transformation Challenge to really push myself. In 2018 I was in a bad car wreck, I was rear ended by a drunk driver leaving me with permanent injuries and unable to workout for almost a year. In 2019 I started to train again and lose the weight I had gained, but then started losing family and loved ones in 2020. From 2020-2023 I lost over 6 loved ones, I became depressed and topped at my heaviest at 193 lbs as a small framed 5’1 woman in 2023. I couldn’t take who I saw in the mirror nor the joint pain and other symptoms I was experiencing. I knew something had to change, especially because my biological mother and half sister had both recently passed due to morbid obesity. In 2023 I lost 30 lbs in 3 months on my own. I then saw the 1Up Transformation Challenge and decided to join to really push myself. I started the challenge at 166.8 lbs. During the challenge I did use Make Her Lean Max, Beauty Dream, and various 1Up protein powders to really push the weight loss. I have limitations for exercise due to my injuries, but worked around them the best I could, ensuring that I was consistent with the best I could do. All of my workouts were home workouts. The biggest obstacle for me was being around my teenage son who eats anything and everything, so temptation was definitely there, but I kept remembering my end goal. To be the healthiest version of myself. I stuck to my healthy eating and workout routines. It definitely paid off in the end. I lost over 27 lbs during the challenge and 26 inches overall all over my body, putting me at 139.5 lbs at the end. I feel much better with higher levels of energy throughout the day, no more joint pain, and I don’t get winded taking walks now. If I were talking to myself last year or even at the start of the challenge, the biggest piece of advice I would give is to just go for it. Give it your all everyday without excuses.”


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