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Female Transformation - Amanda Zizzo

We want to give a huge shoutout to our #1upnutrition Athlete Amanda @bodybyzizzo on an amazing Transformation!

This is her story

“Pregnancy to now. 17 months POSTPARTUM. I took that pregnancy photo and thought I couldn’t get my Body “back”.  Right after I had my baby I was so discouraged because I felt like I had no core strength, and I wouldn’t be able to build that muscle back like. I felt defeated for some months, my emotions got the best of me & truthfully I didn’t feel like myself for a while after having my baby. I was in a rut, but the consistency with fitness got me out of it. The Truth is, YOU CAN get your body “back”.. And It doesn’t mean your body will be the “same as It was” but It has the potential to be BETTER. Fitness has not only helped me gain confidence physically, but has helped my mental health as well. As long as you put the time and effort into It. It’s all about the journey. Learning your body, understanding what works for you, and creating that lifestyle for yourself. Get your mental right, fall in love with the process, and believe that you can. And you will! All of your hard work will pay off.”

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