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Challenge Winner Carolynn Baustista

We want to give a Huge shoutout to our 2019 New Years 8 week #1uptransformationchallenge female 3rd place winner Carolynn Baustista @carolynnnbfit on all of her hard work and amazing transformation!


This is her story


The lifestyle I had before my fitness journey in 2016 involved partying every weekend, eating out almost everyday, drinking at home almost every night. I was unemployed and had no sense of direction. It wasn’t until I reconnected with my bf now who was a friend then who offered to train me. I started eating healthier and went  to the gym 4-6 days a week. I started to lose weight. Mind you, I was around the 150s. I decided to compete in my first NPC bikini competition in 2018. I was the leanest I ever was. I felt so confident  but when it came post show, I hit a depression. I lost all motivation. I binged and ate out almost everyday. My bf would push me to go to the gym with him but I just didn’t have the strength. I was at an all time low, insecure, depressed, lazy, the heaviest I ever was, around 160. It was around the beginning of the year where I came across 1Up Nutrition's transformation challenge where I decided I needed to change. The fact that they offered a free meal plan, workout plan, and supplement plan created that spark of motivation. Ever since, I have been using 1Up's protein powders and bars, pre workouts, Super greens, Fiber, Daily Cleanse, CLAs, Make Her lean fat burner and Beauty Dream. I absolutely love and believe in their products. I love recording my workouts. I love seeing the progress and the fact that I'm able to inspire others to better themselves is just so rewarding. After my last show this month, Oct 2019, I promised myself that I will not lose that motivation and commitment. I will continue to grow and improve each and everyday.


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