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Ambassador Sydney

So I just found this video (screenshot of it) of me from 2 years ago and I am completely shocked.  This is hard for me to post as I honestly do not remember looking like this.  This was a harder time in my life, junior year of high school was rough because 1. it was hard 2. I had started going to a new school.  In this time, I loved to do homework at Starbucks and get a huge frappuccino every time and a bagel with cream cheese.  I would do cardio for an hour once or twice a week and that was it.  I wasn’t happy with my body or the way I felt physically.


Fast forward two years!  I’ve found my true passion: weight lifting.  I’ve been lifting for almost 15 months now and am not turning back!  I now lift 5-6x a week and do HIIT cardio here and there.  I am in love with my body and the way I feel physically and mentally.  I now watch what I eat, I do eat what I want, but in moderation.  This is around a 25-30 pound difference, but the difference you can’t see is how much stronger I am mentally!


Hope this can help anybody who is struggling to start their journey.  It’s never too late, start right now!