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Ambassador Stormie Page

Please read her story 👇


Looking back on the left picture from a few years ago I never thought I'd be someone completely different on the right. Back then I had no knowledge of nutrition nor fitness but remembered always being so self conscious and unhappy with my outer appearance and desperately wanting to change. I relied on my at the time teenage metabolism (or so I thought) to keep me skinny. I would do what I hear so many girls do now in that they starve themselves to not gain weight! This is so wrong ..... you need the food! The right food! Along with the weights!

The right picture is me now... 8 years later. Fitness was my saving light. I look at how far I've come over these years and how much I've grown as a person mentally and physically and it’s all from choosing to change my lifestyle. Any obstacle can be overcome it's your mind telling you otherwise! Just remember that through your own journey. It is hard, it will ALWAYS be hard but your inner happiness and self is worth changing for.

This fitness "stuff" isn't for everyone, but it is the way to a longer healthier and happier life. We're in this together. Stay positive & keep working toward your goals. Anything can be done with hard work.”


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