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Ambassador Serena Munis

“I have been surrounded by athletes my whole life, family friends, etc. I grew up playing sports. Naturally, I was really skinny always. I weighed 88LBs in the picture to the left. I thought because I was skinny and had good stamina that I was healthy. it wasn’t until social media really took off and I was able to see women like Angella Sagra, and Paige Hathaway, ( only a couple of my fitness Inspos ) killing it in the gym that I realized there was a whole other world out there pertaining to fitness that was completely foreign to me. I went to college and started using the gym on campus, not knowing anything that I was doing and trying to copy what I had seen online. Lots of trial and error, over and over. I practiced movements and I hit the books and watched a million tutorials to learn all of these new things. It took me a year of this before I realized that the most important part of this whole journey was consistency and trust in both myself and in the time that I was putting into this. I didn’t see results for what felt like a million years. But I felt different. I had more energy and more confidence just by knowing that I was making healthy choices alone. I found my love in fitness coaching through this journey, because I realize I could help people find their way the same way that I found my way. I committed and stopped taking breaks and allowing myself to quit on my tough days. This was by far the most difficult mental battle I ever had to work through but I am sooo glad that I did! Fast forward 3.5 years and I am now 122 LBS. I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been, and I am still on the move! The commitment to bettering yourself never ends. Best investment I ever made was towards my overall physical, mental, emotional health. Couldn’t imagine a life now that fitness wasn’t in.”


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