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Ambassador Sarah Napoli

“ I have always been the “skinny girl”


Yes, I know you guys are all going to say “oh wow what a shame she was skinny”. But when this is something you did not want to be in life it is hard. Body image is a complicated thing. We always want what we can’t have so my goal is to get out there and chase what I want! This for me is to gain weight in a healthy and happy manner. 


Gaining muscle has been a journey and a struggle for me and I have loved every second of it. It really shapes your outlook on life, I have become a better student, friend, and all around a happier person because what the discipline of the gym has taught me. The results make you want to accomplish anything you put your mind to and you can no matter what, I promise you. . .


The weights do not just shape you, they shape your mind, so get out there and start your sculpture!”


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