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Ambassador Nicole Axelson

“ I started my fitness journey much like anyone else. I wanted to change. i was sick of the fad dieting. i was sick of feeling restricted and tired. all i wanted was to find my own balance.

i was recovering from an eating disorder and trying to figure out how i could become the healthiest version of myself mentally and physically. this is when i found weight lifting.

weight lifting gave me the confidence and self love that i was obsessively searching for. i was gaining weight confidently and for once in my life i felt like i had found my “thing”. I started viewing food as fuel instead of the enemy and saw results alongside that.

fast forward 4 years and i am the most confident i have ever been. i am constantly growing and learning that fitness can bring so many amazing positive things into our lives. fitness forever changed my life and made me realize what it truly means to be healthy and strong. my biggest piece of advice to anyone starting out is to stay present and fall in love with yourself and the process because it is never-ending. we are constantly growing! who you want to be is who you really are. “


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