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Ambassador Mckenzie

My transformation 😱


Left: 2014 MY HEAVIEST! During this time I hated full body pictures. Loved selfies just because it didn’t show my body. I knew I was overweight but I had no idea where to start. My mom and I started going to the gym as something fun to do together. I never looked at it as losing weight, it was just something fun to do with my mom. I started out by ONLY doing cardio and cutting my portion sizes. Still eating terrible food, but cut the size. I was only eating 1200 calories while burning up to 700 at the gym depending on what I wanted to eat that day. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS, but this is what ultimately worked. The thing is, I wasn’t concerned on weight loss. I wasn’t focused on the scale and I 100% that’s why it worked. I wasn’t fixated on a scale. Once I saw results and started having to buy new clothes I was hooked. I lost 60 LBS for a total amount.


Fast forward 4 years.


Right: 1 word. CONFIDENT. I can’t explain how much this changed me mentally. I was SUPER shy and well, look at me now. 2014 Kenzie wouldn’t have ever wanted herself blasted all over the internet for people to make fun of her. 2 years ago I started weight training. Had a general idea of some basic movements such as squats. I started doing that and then eventually saw my body shape change. Weights shape or should I say “TONE” your body. Do I look bulky? Nope. That’s what most people assume happens. 2 years later and you can sometimes see I have some arm muscle.


Point blank, everyone starts somewhere. Don’t worry about the scale, results will come if you stay CONSISTENT.


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