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Ambassador Luba

Everything in our life is a journey, from going to school to starting a career, learning a new skill or even starting a new relationship!... Everything has steps to accomplish and when you get to where you think you want to be there are more steps!



Because we change throughout our journey, we grow, we learn, we adapt and we then want more!


This is my 10-year journey! The only consistency in my life is these two photos is my desire to travel and maybe love for the color blue lol. Which is now more teal! #tealeveryday


Back then I swam every day and had no idea what a gym even was! I ate a waffle with Nutella every single morning for Breakfast and maybe an afternoon snack too. #fatkidatheart

My point is that you can't look at pictures of people on social media and compare yourself. You have no idea where they started or when.

I've been weight lifting for almost 8 years, I've done 3 bodybuilding shows, tried CrossFit, did some powerlifting, I do yoga a few times a week and have dabbled in many forms of calisthenics/functional training and have been a trainer for almost 4 and now a yogi!!


I'm still learning and changing every single day! And this is my life/career!

Transformation takes time! It's the journey you must enjoy and learn through!”


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