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Ambassador Jatin Sharma

“I always used to be insecure about my body, I always wanted to go to the gym but never really started. One day I was randomly watching YouTube videos and I ended up watching a motivational video where I saw a couple of people who were handicapped but still managed to become bodybuilders. I was so ashamed about being given everything in regards to health and yet I was still not taking full advantage of it.

I decided to start training alone. I made a lot of mistakes at first but I had the mindset of a champion, I never feared trying out new things, I failed but I never Gave up. Everybody makes mistakes but that does not mean you give up. My journey has taught me how to survive through tough times and never be scared of challenges because the challenges you face will one day make you what you really want to be.


Just stay focused and consistent. Before you do anything, get in the right mindset and make things happen for yourself!”


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