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Ambassador Jake Mendes

“ I started becoming passionate about fitness to battle against insecurity issues. I was diagnosed with a severe case of acne and had been in and out of the dermatologist for years, unable to find any solution. It took a toll on my self-confidence and I felt frustrated with life because I couldn’t control my appearance. Once I started lifting weights and seeing some progress, I immediately fell in love with the idea that I could control an aspect of my life related to my physical self. It’s given me more than just an outlet and a sense of control but also a major boost in self-confidence. I’m able to walk around and feel proud of the way that I look because I earned it, didn’t ask for any free handouts, just went out and achieved a physique that I can be happy with. If I could offer advice to someone who is just starting their own fitness journey, I would strongly encourage them love the process. The reality is, your goals will be achieved through patience, dedication, and consistency, but your goals will also change as you mature in your transformation. Enjoying every single workout, learning to present in the moment and establishing strong mind-muscle connections will go a long way in helping to both achieve your long term goals and feeling satisfied for every small bit of progress you earn!”


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