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Ambassador Bianca Martinez

My #fitnessjourney all began in the beginning of 2015 when I realized I wanted change. I had this image in my head where I wanted to be super thin and have abs. So I got myself a gym membership, joined a spinning class and had a strict diet. I would go to an 8am spinning class then would go weight train later that night at around 7pm everyday from Mon-Fri. Soon after that I decided to stop with the spinning classes and joined a CrossFit gym where I became more educated in different kinds of cardio and weight training. Throughout this whole experience I was taking progress pictures and I noticed myself getting the abs I always wanted and a small waist as well, but my glutes were getting smaller. I blame it on my lack of diet and nutrition rather than the workouts honestly.

In the beginning of 2017 I decided I wanted to set myself a new goal and grow myself a booty.

I got myself a gym membership at planet fitness and stopped going to CrossFit. I would go Mon-Fri only at nights and would train legs 2 times a week. I had a better diet and got more educated about my nutrition, I would also only do cardio once a week. I started to notice booty gains and became inlove with weight training ever since. It’s 2018 now and I’m still on the same routine just eating more and not doing cardio.

My fitness journey has truly been a roller coaster, but it’s made me who I am today. My journey has not only helped me physically, but mentally. I’m so glad I decide to go for it back in 2015. Trust me when I say it’s a journey. Just be patient and trust the process.”


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